Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Reason of Kerispatih Choose Fandy Santoso!

Indonesian Idol top five finalist in 2007, Fandy Santoso, was elected as the new vocalist Kerispatih. Why did Fandy selected among thousands of other applicants?

At a press conference at the office of Nagaswara, Jl. Johar, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (12/05/2010), keyboard of Kerispatih, Badai answer people's curiosity about Fandy. Spoken, male was pure Jember selected through auditions

"He was selected from five thousand sending a demo. Of the 100 people taken last eight. He is eventually chosen, it's very draining," said Badai, keyboard of Kerispatih.

In the eyes of Badai, Fandy almost like Sammy, he has a sound with elements of R & B. However, R & B elements in the sound Fandy is not too condensed like Sammy.

"Actually we are not looking for a vocalist like Sammy because Sammy is legendary in Kerispatih and irreplaceable," he continued.

Besides having a voice that fit the R & B, Fandy selected for their taste responsibilities. According to Badai, each was asked to learn a song, born 26 April 1985 it must do well.

"I felt a burden to replace Sammy. But let me emphasize here, I just fill in the blanks of a band. I do not have the same with Sammy. I did not replace Sammy. Let Sammy with exceptional quality and I am with my character," says a guy who claims be Kerispatih fans since he was attending college.

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