Monday, May 10, 2010

Video Koreana Film 2 Series Erupted in Bali Hot Foto Picture

Download hot video Koreana film circulating in Bali? Hmm..Denpasar - After a scene with a documentary about Gigolo, tourist area of Kuta Beach, Bali, again with the release of a video nasty commotion between Indonesian-faced woman with a male caucasian.

Video is expected to be made in 2003. However, videos that have been circulating since last year in Bali will start crowded by a local media since the outbreak of the movie Cowboys in Paradise.

Koreana film is played by a flawless girl. This video is set in Kuta Beach. In the early scenes, this beautiful woman straightened drink beer with a smile to children crunchy beach.

The scene also continues in the lobby of a hotel room on the shores of Kuta Beach. In the video duration of 22 minutes, only shows the female figure. Meanwhile, do not look Caucasian faces in the scene.

In the video nasty, after serving Caucasian man, a beautiful woman who was this jar saying "Welcome to Heaven,".

Kabid Humas Polda Bali Kombes Police Gde Sugianyar say that the video is a personal documentary made in 2003. Vulgar scenes were made not in the public realm but in a hotel room.

"We will investigate this case. Poltabes Denpasar will take steps if it finds the criminal element product dissemination of pornography," he said.

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