Thursday, May 20, 2010

ST12 Release New Album The Fourth, 'Pangeran Cinta'

Success with three previous albums, ST12 band released their new album. Because the album was considered to have deep feelings of love, they call it the 'Pangeran Cinta'.

"The concept is still the Malays. But with different packaging. There are really rock, there's really Malays, there is also a themed disco," says Charly, the vocalist, met at the Hard Rock Cafe, Central Jakarta, Thursday (20 / 5 / 2010).

As a mainstay hits, ST12 chose the song 'Aku Padamu'. The song is a duet sung with vocal trio formed by Charly, Charly's Angel.

"The single is the most universal. Could love to anybody," said Charly.

In this album, they also dedicate the song 'Setiaku' to their fans who called STSetia. While the song 'Sayyidina' is a religious song tells about the prophet of Muhammad.

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