Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mama Lauren Profile Biography a Forecaster, From Divination Married, Divorced, Up Close Age

Biodata Mama Lauren, profil, and biography a forecaster who do not want to be called as a psychic. Who does not know Mama Lauren. Predictions made most people recognize her as a reliable psychic. Starting from the artists, public figures until the officials had consulted her. Now women's full name Laurentia Pasaribu has gone.

Mama Lauren's last breath on Monday (8/17/2010) night at 21:37 pm because she was suffering from lung disease. Previously, the Dutch-born clairvoyant, January 23, 1932 has repeatedly stroke attack.

At every turn of the year, Mama Lauren received a lot of subscription from various media and infotainment that asks the artist's life predictions. No doubt, saying of Mama Lauren sometimes make unpredictable artist who became palpitate. There are predictable divorced, married, career dimmed, even dies.

Not only predict the artist, natural disaster predictions were not spared from Mama Lauren. Like an earthquake, tsunami in Aceh and so forth. Also how Indonesian politics in the future also be monitoring the eyes of Mama Lauren. No wonder, if her clients are reportedly among government officials.

On one occasion, Mama Lauren had predicted would be the president who resigned in 2010. Is President SBY? Unfortunately, Mama of forecaster who do not want called this psychic did not elaborate who the president is.

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