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Sherina Munaf Profile Biography Sexy Girl Pop Singer who Voiced Adult Hot Artist Foto Video Picture

Biodata Sherina Munaf, profil and biography sexy girl pop music singer hot artist of Indonesia :
Full name : Sinna Sherina Munaf
Nick name/celeb name : Sherina Munaf
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : June 11, 1990

Sherina is a popular artist since a young age. Looks innocent as children, but adults should vocal ability, makes a lot of admiration. Fans were not only the age of the children, but people older than herself liked the songs.

The girl who has a Sinna Sherina Munaf, began releasing her debut album in 1999 with the album Andai Aku Besar Nanti. The album contains songs Andai Aku Besar Nanti, Pelangiku, Kembali ke Sekolah.

Next, the girl born in Bandung, June 11, 1990 was released her second album, Petualangan Sherina, who was also appointed as a movie. The film along with Didi Petet, Mathias Muchus and Butet Kertaredjasa, Sherina was well into her debut as a movie star, though other films had never existed.

Entering the age of adolescence, and then Sherina released the album with the mainstay song My Life, Aku Tlah Dewasa and Clik Clok.

In 2007 the couple's daughter Triawan Munaf and Luki Ariani Ariani Triawan this, re-emerged with a new album. In album entitled Primadona, Sherina appear with his new style of adult and adult songs she created her own.

Despite the young, but the ability to create songs Sherina can not be underestimated. In the year 2008, Sherina which never became lovers Kevin Aprilio is believed to contribute songs to the soundtrack of the movie AYAT-AYAT CINTA. With the single Jalan Cinta, Sherina indicates its action as a songwriter and singer.

In the film LASKAR PELANGI phenomenal in the year 2008, Sherina is friends with Derby Romero actor was returned trusted to donate songs for this film soundtrack. Ku Bahagia is single hosted and created by Sherina for the film LASKAR PELANGI.

Inaudible old news about Sherina, suddenly in May 2009 she got a bad rumor. She preached has become the victim of rape. In fact, the culprit was reportedly one of her best friend, Derby Romero.

Sherina are not willing to respond to this rumor. But the mother, Lucki Ariani argue that the news is simply not true.

The girl who is in a relationship with the author of Kambing Jantan, Radika Ditya is an artist the total in a career in the music world. By honing her ability, she plans to study at Berklee College of Music, America.

This step is taken because the education system in the institution is very good. Sherina ready to live independently and are keen to learn English is to constrain them.

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