Thursday, May 20, 2010

Michael Bolton Concert for Peace to Jakarta Amazing Show

Jakarta - When a man loves a woman
Can't keep his mind on nothing else
He'll trade the world
For the good thing he's found

Excerpts initial stanza Michael Bolton hits 'When Man Loves a Woman' above make the hot Pacific Places Hall Jakarta. The songs are indeed the mainstay American singer without a direct command to make thousands of spectators stood. Boisterous audience was not spared.

Moreover, while singing that song, Bolton suddenly in the middle of the audience with casual wear makeup, wearing a dark colored shirt and jeans. All the guests stood up and sang a song which became involved in this concert mainstay.

Begins with the song 'Soul Provider' at around 20:30 pm, Monday (5/17/2010), the man who in the early appearance of wearing a dark suit and white shirt combined with blue jeans is immediately made thousands of spectators in hysterics. "Good evening Jakarta," Bolton shouted applause greeted an audience dominated by middle-aged men and women of this.

The audience became more and more 'wild' when Bolton singing the second song 'To Love Somebody'. Nearly all the spectators who attend come sing the song that was so familiar to the ear music lovers homeland.

Not infrequently, Bolton also invites the audience to interact. Moreover, there are also some mischievous spectators who say "I love you" to the white-haired man. "I love you too," Bolton replied that greeted the audience laughter.

Bolton also had time to bring one spectator up on stage to sing a duet with him. At a pause the song suddenly there was screaming female audience to sing one song of Bolton.

"Want to go up on stage singing with me," Bolton told the crowd greeted the woman and was again greeted by audience laughter.

Not just displays the golden voice, Bolton also appeared to play guitar. It was also seen with a loud voice, which he plucked strings also no less beautiful.

In the middle of the concert, Bolton had time to introduce some band members that he stretcher to Jakarta. One of the original personnel of Copenhagen, the Danish are adept at blowing the saxophone.

More than 20 songs were sung, Bolton still appears excellent. He looks very fit. In fact, several times he seemed to jump when the end of a song.

Not only the general public are watching this concert. Many are also among the artists who attended the meet Pacific Place Hall. Several artists, including Maia, Judika 'Idol' and Titiek Puspa attend concert, with the most expensive ticket price is Rp 5 million. Looks OC Kaligis also a senior lawyer with a young partner who attended the concert.

Some songs are sung by Bolton include 'Hope It's Too Late', 'You Don't Know Me', 'Nessun Dogma', 'That's a Life'. When sang the song 'New York', Bolton praised Jakarta. He recounts, New York is a city that is very special, as well as Jakarta.
"Jakarta is a very specific city in the world," he said.

The concert that lasted about two hours was closed by the song 'Georgia' at around 22:10 pm. The audience was satisfied with the appearance of a man who previously also had a concert in Jakarta. Original Production as this promotor making increasingly slick concert with a sound stage and lighting is perfect.

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