Thursday, May 20, 2010

'Avatar' Sued with Plagiarism Allegation

Again, box office movie 'Avatar' sued to court. A novelist from San Diego doubt the originality of the story 'Avatar', written by James Cameron. He claims the story of 'Avatar' lifted from the novel that he wrote “Sheila the Warrior: The Damned “.

Kelly Van, novelist, had filed a lawsuit in California court against James Cameron, Fox, and film producers of Avatar. As reported by Reuters, Thursday (05/20/2010), Kelly sued Cameron cs violate copyright books which he published in 2003.

Kelly still can not indicate how the filmmaker was able to trace the story of his novels. But affirmed, the stories 'Avatar' truly exactly the same as the novel of Kelly. From the start characters, settings, storyline, visual effects, scenes, concepts, and even emotional elements.

Sheila character in the novel of Kelly's tells about a woman who traveled to the planet is incredibly beautiful, peaceful, and a good ecosystem. He made a pact with a group of people who intend to destroy the planet if they no longer can control their mineral on the planet.

However, Sheila then fell in love with the local population. This story certainly sounds very familiar with the 'Avatar'. However, Kelly was awaiting a decision and the maximum compensation according to law.

Previously, not only Kelly was a protest the story of Cameron's originality, he was one of the few people who also questioned the authenticity of the story 'Avatar'.

Author from China, Zhou Shaomou, eg, also has sued Cameron with similar accusations. He claimed the plot of the film “Avatar” almost similar to the story of science fiction books he wrote, 'Tale of the Blue Crows', which is published online in 1997.

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