Thursday, May 20, 2010

Keith Martin Produced Newcomer Indonesian Singer

Can cooperate with Indonesian people, always a special delight for musician of Keith Martin. The singer hits 'Because of You' is now as producer of new entrants.

Soraya Hylmi soon will release a mini album. In the album, Keith's role as producer-songwriter as well. Soraya and Keith is also a duet in a song entitled 'I Give You Me'.

"At first he just wanted to make a duet song. But finally he made the two songs again. He who creates, composer to the producer," said Soraya when talked to in East Mall Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Thursday (05/20/2010).

Soraya who claimed to work as a presenter could not believe myself when will work with Keith. But Keith was a genius in her eyes. All so maybe after being with Keith. This album will be released next July.

"I really challenged for the project. I love it. I love working with Indonesian artists," said Keith.

Keith has 13 times to visit Indonesia. He claimed to love anything that smells of Indonesia. He was even thinking of moving into the ground water. Keith meeting with Soraya will be new projects for him. Once before he had a duet with Agnes Monica. Soraya also regard it as a blessing.

"I was not able to completely instrument. Never vocal learning. I just like to sing it," said Soraya.

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