Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slank Prepare for Slanker Wangi Surprise at the Hard Rock Café

The rock band group Slank will be back on stage in 'I Like Monday' at the Hardrock Cafe, Monday (17/05/2010). For the concert, Slank has prepared a surprise especially for women Slanker aka Slanker Wangi.

"This is for Slanker Wangi. Slankers women who are afraid to come into the field. So they can enjoy in our cafe," says drummer Slank, Bimbim, in Slank press conference for the event 'I Like Monday', at the Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza EX, MH Thamrin Street, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/05/2010).

In concert later, the group with personnel Kaka, Bimbim, Ivan, Ridho and Abdee will play acoustic. Slank will appear for 1.5 hours with 20 songs. Slank long songs that top and popular will follow play. "I'll like, we will surely give a surprise," said Kaka, the vocalist.

Shown in the acoustic cafe, Slank sure it is not difficult. Shown in the cafe actually benefited from the aspect of a more clear sound system. In addition, the group with hits 'Kuil Cinta' will get closer to fans.

Shown in 'I Like Monday' seemed like nostalgia for Slank. This group had previously performed at this event in 1997 and 2006.

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