Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kate Moss Photos Auctioned – Hot Foto Kate Moss by a Photographer of Albert Watson

London - Supermodel Kate Moss posing nude frequently enough. But this time, pose naked considered very special. Moss photos that will be auctioned and sold for predicted 30 thousand pounds or approximately Rp 389 million.

The photos are considered special because it was taken by renowned photographer Albert Watson in 1993. In the world of fashion, the name of Watson was well respected as a photographer classy.

"There are people who collect pictures of Watson. With Kate Moss, has become so commercial pictures and good for investment," says one expert from the auction house Christie's photography, Alexander Montague-Sparey, as reported by Telegraph Wednesday (19 / 5 / 2010).

There are about a dozen Moss posed nude photos that will be auctioned at Christie's. In the photo shots that Watson, the British model looks posed by sitting on the sand. Intimate parts of her body, she covered with her feet.

"Previously there was the shooting that raised and sold 50 thousand pounds," explained Montague-Sparey again.

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