Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Slash: I'm Not Trying to Be the Best Guitarist

Many musician idolize Slash, as the world's best guitarist. But with humility, Slash refused to try hard to be the best.

"I never tried to be the best. But I try to keep playing well," Slash said in a conversation via phone with detikhot at the office of label Universal Music Indonesia, Friday (05/14/2010).

Man born in England, July 23, 1965 that claimed never knew him loved a lot of musicians. To him all the same. He was even happy to share knowledge with other musicians.

"Well, I never knew if labeled as a reliable guitarist," said Slash friendly.

Slash will be a concert in Jakarta on August 3, 2010 brought the promoter by Mahaka Entertainment. He will bring his tour member is Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) on vocals, Bobby Schneck (guitar), Todd Kerns (bass) and Brent Fitz (drums).

The concert was to be part of a promo tour of his solo album, entitled, 'Slash'. Men who like wearing a tall hat confessed self-confidence of fans in Indonesia will be very satisfied if you watch the concert.

"I heard they (the audience Indonesia) are very enthusiastic. I will play my songs in the show are amazing. I'm sure everyone will be fun," explained Slash.

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