Thursday, June 10, 2010

Similar Indonesian Artist Hot Video

Not over a hot video puzzle-like Ariel PeterPan and Luna Maya, appears more hot videos like Ariel and Cut Tari. They say there's even dozens of similar videos. Wow!

Several days later, Ariel has become a byword. Not only in social networking have become Trending topic, in almost any diner or cafe that became the talk was almost certainly around the hot video-like vocalist 'Peterpan' this.

Moreover, almost all the media incessantly industrious this proclaiming the horrendous scandal. To the extent the issue in Parliament about the fund's aspirations for regional elections Rp15 billion as the earth swallowed dim.

Not yet known who the disseminator of the video. Two videos allegedly cast heat similar to "Luna Maya and Cut Tari" external hard drive that comes from the band's vocalist Ariel Peterpan missing. Reportedly, even in these hard drives still have dozens of hot videos that played like Ariel and artists of other Indonesian women.

Some artist that gossip is similar to Bunga Citra Lestari and Aura Kasih. Yet through her manager, BCL has denied these rumors. Fellow artist when interviewed by the media so sorry for her friend's plight.

What is certain is the impact of the video is already evident. Soap ads starring Ariel and Luna were drawn. Who put up billboards Ariel and Luna's face was revealed. Luna had to leave from his job as presenter “Dahsyat”.

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