Friday, June 4, 2010

Luna Maya - Ariel Hot Video (Similar) Taken From Phone Camera

Hot videos like Luna Maya and Ariel make splashy cyberspace. Video duration of 6 minutes 49 seconds, allegedly made with a camera phone.

"Apparently the video was actually a private collection, taken with HP cameras," said Information Communication Technology Observer, Heru Sutadi, when interviewed Friday (04/06/2010).

Hot pictures in the video was not too sharp. Still, still, the faces of two people in the video is clearly visible like Ariel and Luna.

Heru also revealed his analysis of the video. He said, there are two scenarios could be why the video circulating on the Internet.

"First, this video is spreading from HP that is lost. Second, there are parties who do not like and want to drop them by making a video with people who are similar. But this is highly unlikely," he explained.

In the video it does look a pair of male and female, like Luna Maya and Ariel, is doing an intimate scene. These women were white and had a tattoo on her left hip.

When met after the show brings 'Dahsyat', Luna has denied having a tattoo. She also said that if the hot video gossip as a slander.
There is a hot news in the internet currently, it’s a hot video of a pair artists who are famous. This time, the video with duration of approximately 1.4 to 6.5 minute is similar to artist Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya.

Hot video which is like two of the top artists also briefly appeared in someone facebook account. This video nasty having two versions. Version 6.5-minute duration is the first version which is rather long.

The hot video of a couples who have not known the true identity has also been circulating in the social networking site Kaskus. Video began circulating on Thursday, June 3, 2010 yesterday.

However, since Friday, June 4, 2010 morning, the site addresses that contain the hot video mentioned was already closed. In fact, the video which also contained in a facebook account can not be opened anymore.

An account at Kaskus who has the identity as Pantokrator claimed that he recognize the couple in the video. “The scene was made on March 23, 2009,” Pantokrator said last night.

Pantokrator disappointed with the spread of a hot video which is like Ariel and Luna Maya. Pantokrator also admitted as a guard of Ariel’s uncle studio.

“Previously I was not afraid to use the prime id. But honestly, I was surprised why the video which made a year ago can be circulated, in fact the video is only on their hand. I’m disappointed as a friend,” he said.

Until now, there is no confirmation yet whether the video was completely done by Ariel and Luna Maya. Defender of Ariel and Luna Maya in the name of Pantokrator also unclear clarity of identity.

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