Monday, December 7, 2009

Tuyul Bogor Hantu Ciapus Ghost Sexy Hot Foto Video Bugil

Video tuyul bogor recently fuss Bogor town. In a video recorded sightings spirits called it tuyul quite clear shape. Video is sightings tuyul recorded when one junior high school students who have accidentally recorded the alleged creature tuyul at his home in Sukamantri, Tamansari subdistrict, Bogor Regency.

According to the residents who told the incident, as quoted by the Pikiran Rakyat said, when it was 3 children Junior was playing guitar on the front porch, one of his friends and colleagues recorded the second guitar playing on it while singing.

The creature can jump like the wind, plus one of the teenage excitement, Didi, immediately fell sick for three months. According to smart people, the pain that junior high students is due to the influence of his friend recorded tuyul through HP.

Video Tuyul Bogor yang berdurasi 2 menit 44 detik ini sedang geger dan menimbulkan keresahan khususnya bagi masyarakat Bogor, Ciapus, Jawa Barat. Lalu bagaimana menurut anda benarkah ini Tuyul?

Video Tuyul Bogor that duration 2 minutes 44 seconds this is causing commotion and unrest, especially for the Bogor, Ciapus, West Java. So how do you think this really Tuyul?

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