Thursday, October 7, 2010

Video Agnes Monica

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Name : Agnes Monica
Date of Birth : 1 July 1986
Agnes Monica is a singer, dancer, and actress Indonesia

His full name is Muljoto Agnes Monica,. She became a singer and released 3 albums called "If Meong", "Yess" and "Bala-Bala" and became a lecturer VAN (video Anteve Anak), Tralala-Trilili in Romeo and Diva in Trans RCTI TV. In 1999, she won an award from Panasonic Awards.

In 2003, she released an album. His first album entitled adult "The Story Goes." The series she has played this year are "Cewekku Jutek", which also included his song "Indah" and the theme song "terindah Kau yang." During this year she got 1 price for Panasonic Award for Best Actress.

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