Monday, October 19, 2009

UFO Foto Gambar Palsu in Jakarta, Hot Foto Video

UFO passing scene photos in Jakarta spread. But make no mistake, turned out to photograph that was published in a blog is certainly false. It can be seen in terms of lighting and the UFO detail picture.

"When I saw it was engineered. When seen, he took the video using a mobile phone, not as detailed as it could. With all this speed will not be able to catch," said a senior photographer Gino Frankihadi when talking by phone, Monday (19/10/2009).

UFO photos can be seen in In the picture looks a UFO passing over a building in Jakarta. Allegedly in the area of West Jakarta.

"That's impossible. Picture not be as sharp as it was, would shake. Then if you take a picture from the bottom up as the clock like that, it must be a dark picture, back light," he added.

Not to mention, when viewed from detailed pictures and shooting speed.

"The photography is not possible to detail a camera phone like that, especially not a phone. That picture would shake, and a professional photographer just to see such rapid events may not be able to set up shots like that," he explained.

. Not to mention the people around the site, why are there no noisy crowded to see it.

"Just as in Ciganjur about 2-3 weeks ago, in the south. People crowded said saw plane, and the photograph only remaining white lines. It's a lot of people see," he concluded.

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