Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Miyabi Sexy Body Artist Hot Wear Jilbab Hijab Foto Video Picture

If the artist Zaskia Adya Mecca is wearing jilbab probably not a surprise. But as if the other is covered Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi, famous porn star from Japan.

Some time ago on the internet circulated the photos look like Miyabi who wear the jilbab-hijab as a Muslim. Indeed, not a few who doubt the authenticity of these photographs. Several members of a mailing list convinced that woman is a veiled was Miyabi. However, there are few who doubt it.

There was no clear information about these photographs, whether it results from the if / engineering or is a mere image of the original photo, or photos of people who face similar veiled Miyabi. Clearly, when compared to people in the photo with the original photo Miyabi, looks very much like her face.

Maria Ozawa was born in Hokkaido, Japan, on January 8, 1986. With 162 cm height and 48 kg weight makes it look beautiful and innocent.

Maria Ozawa beautiful face mix of beauty inherited from the mother of the original Japanese with her father who comes from the French and Canadian descent.

Maria Ozawa taste education in international schools that make a broad and her social English skills to be better.

Maria Ozawa's career journey in the world of porn film begins with the introduction of a worker AV (film production houses in Japan). Her career began from the B-Open, an agent known artist in Japan. Ozawa later became a model in site www.shirouto-teien.com in June 2005. On this site, she starred in several sets of photos and two blue film.

In October 2005, Maria contracted by the S1, an adult film production house Japanese. In this company, the first time Maria Ozawa starring New Face, pornographic video shot and make her name famous as now.

At S1, Maria Ozawa starred in one title each month until February 2007. Video titles Maria Ozawa had won the most sales competition pornographic films as Japan.

In the same year in April, she moved from S1 to Dasdas. At this production house, Maria Ozawa starring many films with the theme of violence, rape, and physical torture. At the end of 2007, Ozawa moved back to the Attackers, porno video production house specialist rape theme.

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