Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alqur'an Appeared in Baby Body So Serious Attention Russian Muslim Scholars, Hot Foto Video

Qur’an story appeared in the baby's body is still a serious concern in Russia. One Russian muslim scholar considers the appearance of the holy verses as a warning from God.

"We take it as a warning to Russian and Dagestani Muslims. They have to live the commandment of God, regretting his mistakes, and get away from conflict and division which is now plagued Dagestan and the Caucasus," said a muslim scholar, Akhmedpasha Amiralaev as quoted The Sun.

Until now the logic and medical equipment had not been able to solve the mystery of the Russian boy.

The boy wonder who got 'blessing' is Ali Yakubov, 9-month-old boy. Holy verses appeared on the skin Ali shortly after birth. One verse that appears says 'God is the Creator of All Natural'. Uniquely again, this passage of scripture comes only every Monday and Thursday nights.

Reported by Interfax on Wednesday (21/10/2009), Ali's parents initially did not tell no one would be a miracle baby. Qur'anic writings first appeared on Ali's chin. After the chin, the verses of the Qur’an began to look at the back, arms, legs and stomach Ali.

After many times happens, Ali's parents finally decided to tell the doctor that miracle. Especially when these verses came, Ali like pain. "Ali was always feeling unwell when the sign appeared. He was crying and temperature increases," said Ali's mother, Medina.

When the AlQuranic verses that appeared in the baby's body, Medina pleaded not possible holding Ali. "The body is actively moving, so we put them in a crib. It is difficult see suffering," she says.

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