Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sheila Marcia Sexy ‘Hamil’ Pregnant Out of Wedlock, Ask Baby Patient Foto Video Hot

Confessing Sheila Marcia Joseph Really Pregnant ... But she firmly refused when such infotainment news put a big title: Anak Sheila Marcia Anak Haram..

After Sheila Marcia news at the prison broke, many media began to visit her in Rutan Pondok Bambu, Jakarta and asked about the recent pregnancy rumors reported busy. Fortunately, the daughter of Joseph and Maria Cecillia Joseph Terry was not heartened to an honesty.

Recognition Sheila Marcia Gossip about Pregnancy:
"I initially surprised when I was pregnant at the age of 20 years, without marriage, too. But, I chose to keep this baby though now to go back lives in jail for 5 months. "

"I don’t think to abort this baby. I've taken this decision. The image that had disgraced myself and the family I was wasting away. I'm actually proud of being able to feel move baby in my belly. "

"The baby is able to actuate two hands, two legs,then he kept jumping up, not knowing he could motion-bringing into play so. Oh my God, my son has soul. "

"When USG done, my son looks little, but he could actuating both hands,"

"Mama has a sense of disappointment .. there must be yes, like why must be like this. But again, Mom is a wonderful Mom. Mama give me more support of the revealing disappointment. "

"But, the more disappointed than Mom was Dad. Disappointment over the poor, but ultimately he could accept the conditions I am. "

"So now, I want to focus on my pregnancy. This also've started to feel normal for a pregnant woman, like the morning sickness so sensitive that easy. But, mama often to say, hey this is the time you establish your child's character, you have to fight yourself. Ugh, hard for mercy."

"My mom has also warned me that there'll be time when I would think that I was carrying a baby don’t have a father. But, I never regretted. I don’t want an abortion. I will not kill her own child. Pregnancy is not a disgrace. Indeed many of the intimidating, but I don’t want commit murder."

"If the sink .. For what? Life is too short to continue to cry and continued to grieve. So have to get up! "

"All the family support me that make me keep this baby. I know the risk being accepted as status of pregnant out of wedlock and illegitimate. But who says this illegitimate child? Do not tell this child a bastard, "

"If the baby's father for whom I have not been able to say, I still have a fear of its own. There is a fear, he is not received? He did not admit it was his son? So what, yes, there is little doubt. Whatever happens, he should know that this child is his child."

Sheila Marcia Cravings Rujak Kuah Pindang:

After claiming that she was pregnant, the girl's birth is 3 September 1989 more unencumbered again. In fact, Sheila Marcia admitted that currently more cravings Rujak Kuah Pindang (Rojak Khas Bali, which uses fish sauce Pindang).

"Now more cravings nie .. But, ngidam not strange. My son is fun, not too fussy. "

“Ngidam rujak, rujak kuah pindang, that mango taste so sour."

Finally, another shocking news was revealed by former bride who had Foto Pre Wedding in Telagasari Coast Bali this. Malang-born girl was confirmed the news stating that: The baby's father Sheila Marcia Not Delano Ezar.

In 11 weeks pregnant, Sheila Marcia had to undergo punishment in prison. Sheila also asked newborn baby to continue to be patient.

According to her mother, Maria Joseph, Sheila is very happy with her pregnancy. Although until now she did not want to reveal who he really is responsible.

"She's happy. Like talk to the little ( She likes to say yes dear patient, continue to pray for mama 'while stroking her stomach," says Maria met in Rutan Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta, Wednesday (9/9/2009) .

Before being led back to the penitentiary, she had checked her unborn. Until now the treatment of Sheila was not excessive. But it is clear the star's health 'Tentang Cinta' was on top of everything.

"There is no special treatment and I think also unnecessary. The important thing for her food intake and good baby," explained Maria.

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